Bach Performance: Minimalist Muscle

It’s time to build a powerful body.

It’s time for a workout that improves your life, rather than consuming it. 

It’s time to do less but do it better.  

Do you want to spend less time in the gym?

Do you want to build more muscle?

Do you want to look jacked? 

Do you want to say goodbye to muscle-building programs that just don’t work? 

Gain ten pounds of muscle in three weeks...

Add three inches to your biceps in six weeks….

99% of muscle-building programs chase empty promises.But chances are they’ll leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

You wonder if you’ll ever build the muscular, and masculine body you deserve.

Most Muscle-Building Workouts Are Completely Wrong 

Typical muscle-building workout are just too long.

Busy guys don’t have time for them. 

And it get worse. 

These workouts are often designed for lifters who live at the gym.

Their performance may be artificially enhanced by chemical friends. 

Their so-called strategy? Their so-called science? 

Chances are neither is right for busy men with stressful jobs and a limited time to train. 

Doing these programs for months and years will leaves you frustrated, overwhelmed, and disappointed. 

Sound Familiar? Even a Little Bit? 

I’m Coach Eric Bach. I’ve worked with hundreds of guys. More about me later. 

But right now, guess what?

I’ve found that the best programs aren’t ones with the craziest, most complicated workouts. The truth is far different.

You need workouts that improve your life.

You need workouts that are strategic and scientifically proven to get you stronger and more muscular in the gym. 

You need workouts that are short and focused.

You need workouts that allow you to train quickly and efficiently and get on with your life .

You need workouts that allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

What Sports Performance Therapist Dr. John Rusin Says:

"Eric Bach is the type of coach I make sure to keep an eye on in the fitness industry. 

From working with the top athletes and general population clients, Eric is advancing the profession with his original and captivating articles and media. 

Eric is a game changer when it comes to bringing athletic development and physique enhancement together. When I look for ways to improve as a coach and new methods to use for my clients, Eric Bach is one of the first coaches I seek out.”

John Rusin


Stop wasting time.

Stop chugging magic, protein pixie dust. 

Stop wasting hours in the gym. 

Start building real strength and muscle.

Start feeling like a superhero.

Start enjoying your life.

With the Minimalist Muscle eCourse you will gain:

  • All the muscle you’ve ever wanted 
  • The lean, athletic body you’ve always dreamed about
  • The self-confidence you need to improve your life

With the Minimalist Muscle eCourse you will avoid:

  • Confusing training and diet programs 
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Having to be on the gym every day (3-4 times a week is all it takes)
  • Pointless and time-wasting exercises that keep you small and weak

I've struggled, too. 

Seemingly impossible training plateaus… 

Being teased as the smallest, weakest guy around… 

And wasting my time with overwhelming training programs that took all my time and delivered NONE of the results I wanted.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. 


Your workouts should improve your life, not take it over. 

You deserve a body that’s muscular, powerful, and athletic.

Your body should demand the respect of men and turn the heads of women. 

Minimalist Muscle: The Inside Story

For nearly a decade I’ve trained pros and regular Joes. They ranged from elite athletes to executives and family men. 

And guess what? They all wanted the same thing:

A workout routine that is brutally effective and helps them…

  • Look great naked
  • Enjoy an epic lifestyle

Sound like you?

You want a muscular body that is also shredded..

You want a body that’s athletic, strong, and capable.

You want a body that that screams power and authority.

You want a body that is also shredded and muscular. 

 At the end of the day, your training must improve your life, not consume it. 

What John Romaniello says:

"Eric Bach is one the few people I'd recommend to those looking to improve both sports performance and physique enhancement. Being able to improve both without sacrificing either is an incredibly narrow ledge to walk, but Bach's clients do it with ease. He's one brightest minds in the fitness industry."

The Minimalist Muscle Secrets Revealed

I’ve analyzed and isolated the most important training components to building a muscular, athletic body. 

That’s a body that looks like a superhero and performs like an athlete, all in a few short workouts each week. 

Now, I’ve unlocked the secrets to building maximum muscle in Minimal time: The ultimate training program for busy men looking to build muscle. 

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Through years of working with my amazing clients, I’ve discovered the truth. 

There is no perfect program. 

The program that gets the best results is one that improves your life and allows you to train consistently with intensity and focus, rather than leaving you overwhelmed. You’ll stop hopping from workout to workout and diet to diet. 

So stop chasing the “perfect” program that requires 5 or 6 workouts per week but leaves you feeling beat-up, overwhelmed, and unsatisfied.

Instead, use the Minimalist Muscle course to feel powerful, healthy, and jacked. 

You will:

- Build lean muscle 

- Lose body fat

- Regain youthful athleticism.

Best of all, you will increase confidence. And you’ll have more time outside the gym to enjoy the results of your hard work. 

About Eric Bach, The Minimalist Muscle Guy

Hi. I’m Eric Bach. I’m a personal trainer, fitness author, and former scrawny guy.

I’ve helped busy professionals focus on the essential, overcome years of frustration, and build their bodies around their busy lifestyle. 

I’ve also written hundreds of articles about building muscle, improving athleticism, and maximizing efficiency in the gym. I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in such top media outlets as CNN, Yahoo Health,, Testosterone Nation, The Huffington Post,Livestrong, and Muscle and Strength

My passion?

Helping skinny guys build muscle.

Helping men build their best bodies.

Helping people cut through all the bullshit in the fitness industry. 

Remember, you can do anything, but not everything. Building your best body is possible, but you must be selective and have the right plan. 

What Jon Goodman says:

"Eric Bach has quickly emerged as an excellent resource in the fitness industry. 

His work is excellent. 

Eric blends performance and physique training with top-notch content for coaches and fitness buffs alike."

Jon Goodman

Founder and CEO, The Personal Trainer Development Center

I want to tell you an embarrassing story, but first...

There are a number of popular fitness ideas that we need to address.

You need to train six days per week. 

And eat seven meals per day to build muscle. 

And if you don’t train six biceps curl variations, your arms will never grow.

Or wait…should you be fasting for 16 hours, avoiding gluten, and doing crazy finishers at the end of your workouts. 

Sound familiar?

You already have enough stress in your life. So when it comes to fitness…

It’s time to do less, but better. 

It’s time for the Minimalist Muscle eCourse.

This is self-paced f eCourse is a multimedia package with 19 modules. Audio, video and text are included. So is access to me via email and a Facebook group. 

Say goodbye overly complicated workouts that make consistent training impossible. 

Say goodbye to the latest flash-in- the- pan fad workouts. 

Say goodbye to confusing, impossible, unhealthy diets that leave you fat rather than jacked.

Say hello to a simple but ruthlessly effective workout. 

Say hello to getting to bigger, stronger, and healthier. 

Say hello to enjoying life outside the gym with your muscular, and head turning body. 

Start getting the muscular, athletic body you’ve always wanted.

No more impossible diets.

No more living at the gym. 

You need a program that emphasizes simplicity and is easy to follow.

You need a program that fits your busy schedule and allows you to train consistently. 

 You need a program that gets you stronger on big lifts. 

You need a program that helps you build the powerful physique you’ve always wanted. 

Most of all

You need a program improves your life rather than consumes it.

How would that program change your life? 

Picture yourself three months from now: 

You’re standing in front of the mirror...What do you see? 

You’ve added lean muscle from head to toe. 

Your shoulders are stretching your shirt and your arms filling out your sleeves. 

You’re smiling and confident. 

You know you’ve built something great. 

Your body screams power. 

Your mind is at ease. 

You exude cool confidence. 

Now step back and picture yourself in the gym on the road to the new you. 

You’re putting in work with laser-like focus. 

You’re adding weight to the bar. 

You’re focusing ONLY on what’s essential. 

You get in the gym, make progress, then get on with your busy day. 

What is the Minimalist Muscle eCourse? 

Minimalist Muscle is about more than your body.

It’s also about your lifestyle and mindset. Both will change. You’ll be more in control and feel better about yourself. 

You’ll be done wasting time and money on programs that don’t work. 

And you’ll be proud. You’ll be one of the few who has succeeded in building his best body. That’s the sort of body that others think are reserved for “genetic freaks” athletes, and actors. 

The Minimalist Muscle eCourse gives you the tools to retake control of your body. 

 You will get great results no matter how busy your schedule.

Welcome to the Minimalist Muscle eCourse 

I’ll show you: 

How my no-nonsense workouts will build a lean, eye catching physique. 

How to build muscle, lose fat, and look great without steroids, ridiculous genetics, or wasting your life in the gym on money on pointless supplements. 

How the simple science of building your ultimate body really works. 

How to perform fundamental exercises with optimal technique. 

How to get strong and healthy, rather than frustrated and injured. 

Four customized programs in the 24 week program will build: 

  • Strong, bold shoulders 
  • Your ultimate v-tapered physique 
  • A chest of armor that screams power 
  • Strong, muscular, and eye-catching arms. 

Ruthlessly simple and brutally effective, the Minimalist Muscle eCourse helps you cut through the fluff and clutter. You’ll get maximum results in minimal time. 

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I have to admit, this story is extremely EMBARRASSING to tell you.

I wasn’t always athletic or muscular. 

Chances are, I’m a lot like you: a genetically average, narrow jointed skinny dude. 

And while some dudes look at a barbell and gain pure muscle, I don’t. Never have. Never will! 

I was one of those guys who trained daily for an hour or two, took every miracle supplement, and ate food like it was going out of style. 

Still, nothing changed. 

I was the classic runt of a man with a metabolism rivaling a hummingbird on meth.

Hell, for years I drowned in skinny jeans and a small t-shirts. 

I was timid, constantly comparing myself to others and skipping challenging situations. I lacked confidence in my body’s appearance and my abilities in every aspect of life. 

Yet I had binders full of training articles. I blew money on every super-powered protein powder. I lifted constantly. And still, no results. 

Finally, it all came to a head. After years of agony, my coach Mr. Morgan pulled me aside.

He said: “ Hey Eric. I see you in here working hard.”

I nodded.

He continued: “But you’re not making much progress, are you?

Do you know what the definition of insanity is?”

I looked up and muttered: “No.”

Mr. Morgan then quoted Albert Einstein: 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

As it turns out, I was focusing too much on all the small details and not enough on the big picture.

If you want to change you must...

Stop obsessing over which type of curl works best.

Stop training every day.

Stop beating yourself into the ground instead of getting stronger and recovering. 

Do what I did when the light bulb went off. 

Stop reading every article you can get your hands on. 

Stop hopping from program to program.

Stop trying every “magic” diet pill guaranteed to build muscle. 

Instead, focus on the essentials.

Focus on the big lifts like squats and deadlifts. 

Track your workouts, adding weight over time to force your body into growing. 

Here’s what happened to me and can happen to you.

Your body will respond. The helpless feelings of desperation will be a thing of the past. You’ll add heaps of lean muscle to your shoulders, legs, chest, back, and arms. 

You’ll look better in your clothes. 

You’ll stop comparing yourself to others. Your confidence will skyrocket. You’ll feel unstoppable in both your career and personal life. 

Friends will comment: “Dude, have you been hitting the gym? Looking good!

You’ll finally leave the “friend zone,” and instead, start turning heads and gaining attention.

It wasn’t until I simplified my training that I started seeing great results. My clients have found the same thing. They’re stunned at how “simple” a workout appears, yet are floored by the results. They often finish training in less time than ever before, built strength faster, and look better naked. 

The secret? Doing less, but better. 

Now, my superstar clients focus on a few key principles to build amazing bodies.

  •  Keep it simple. Get strong and build a foundation of strength.
  •  Add volume to strength to build muscle.
  •  Do less, but do it better. Quality triumphs quantity every time. 
  •  Train big muscles frequently.
  •  Specialization workouts to build head-turning a head turning back, chest, shoulders, and arms. 
  •  Build workouts that fit your busy lifestyle to and ensure consistency.
  •  Take the confusion out of nutrition. You’ll build muscle and enjoy the social aspects of eating.

It’s time for the muscular body you’ve always deserved.

It’s time for….

We'll keep workouts simple. You'll train three to four days per week

You’ll do less. But you’ll do it better and get stronger

You'll have better discipline, focus, and compliance with 45-60 minute workouts than by training for 90+ minutes five or six days per week. 

You’ll adopt a minimalist training perspective. 

You’ll stay the simple course and reap big rewards in the gym, and have more time to enjoy your life.

Focusing on what’s really important yields lasting changes to your mind, body, and life. 

No one wants to be the “ten year guy.” That’s someone who lives the same life as he did ten years ago, benching 135lbs and doing curls in the squat rack. He has the same goals, but also the same body and same frustrations

The solution? 

Set practical goals

Take action. 

And change your life. 

Gaining muscle isn't complicated. It requires focused and consistent execution of the basics over time.

There are better methods than crushing your body with crazy, long-duration workouts. Short, intense workouts yield much better results if you do them right.

And that’s what the Minimalist Muscle Course is all about.

End the struggle, take action today, and finally, build your best body

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How is this program different? 

The Minimalist Muscle eCourse is comprehensive. Here’s what you get: 

Minimalist Muscle Training

You’ll receive four unique workouts designed to help you gain lean muscle. The focus is on tried and true methods to help you simultaneously build strength and muscle without spending hours in the gym. More specifically, we’ll use specialized workouts during each phase to add lean muscle to your shoulders, back, arms, and chest. 

The Exercise Modification Guide

No access to a power rack or stuck without a barbell? Missing equipment can be a problem, but I have you covered. I’ve included this entire eBook on exercise modifications to help you modify any program. There’s no need to completely switch gyms or break the bank for a home gym.

The Minimalist Muscle Hardgainer Nutrition Guide 

Finally cut through the bullshit. Find out what busy-hardgainers need to do to build muscle. We’ll eliminate the confusing, helping you eat for the body you want, without completely sacrificing the foods you enjoy.

Meal Plans and How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

I get it. Eating healthy is expensive. Rather than going broke on “miracle foods,” you’ll stay eat healthy and gain muscle, without blowing through your budget. 

I will also send a separate module with my supplement recommendations. 

Guidance and Accountability

The course structure of Minimalist Muscle gives you access both to other students and me, your instructor. Together, we’ll keep you accountable, answer your biggest questions, and help you build maximal muscle in minimal time. 

Minimalist Muscle Bonuses 

Measurement and Progress Tracking Guide 

As the quote goes, without assessing you're guessing. We’ll teach you how to assess your progress to make nothing but gains in lean muscle and strength without overwhelming you. Don’t worry, we’ll make it simple. 

Comprehensive Video Library 

This is a highly focused collection of nearly 200 training videos and written cues for exercises so you can make pain-free progress. Trust me: these will come in handy. You’ll perform your exercises correctly to maximize results and minimize injuries. 

The Four Week Power Primer

Your exclusive four-week plan to increase your power for high performance muscle and a leaner, more athletic body. If you’re a coach, you should absolutely own this to understand the science of power and how to apply it to your clients training. If you’re a fitness junkie, this could be the force multiplier to help you make massive jumps in progress and unleash your inner athlete. 

The High Performance Travel Guide

Travel can wreak havoc on your body. But it doesn't have to.  

Here’s our complete 70-page guide to staying jacked on the road. 

You'll never have to miss a workout again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced. Meaning, if you need to wrap up a big project at work and want to wait a week or two, that’s fine. When you start and finish the program is completely up to you. We’ll be there to help you whenever you’re ready. 

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes. We want you to use the course to make your training more effective, now and forever. 

How much muscle will I gain in the course?

The amount of muscle you gain depends on your discipline to eat enough calories, track and improve workouts, and stay consistent for the next few months. If you complain of hard gainer syndrome and eat just 2,000 calories per day, then you’re in the wrong place. If you’re consuming ample calories and consistently getting stronger, you can expect to gain 8-15 lbs of lean muscle. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

Hey, sometimes things don’t work out. It almost never happens. But if you’re unsatisfied for any reason within the first 30 days, I’ll give you a full refund. In fact, if you're not completely happy for any reason at all, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many people transform their bodies, I’m totally confident that you're going to love these workouts and see the best results of your life.

Questions? Just email

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